Since its launch in 2015, the Titanium has grown from a downlight family to an extensive series of ceiling luminaires. This year, the Titanium Series expands to include a new surface mounted size, gold finish and streamlined electrical componentry and accessories.
Light without boundaries.
NEW Small Canister

NEW Gold Finish
NEW IP44 Rated Canister

NEW Flicker-free Canister
L90B10 Lifetime
Commited to providing lasting quality assurance with excellent lifetime performance, the Titanium Series has an exceptional lifetime measure of up to >55,000h L90B10.
Up to <13 Glare Rating
Designed with a deep recess to reduce glare, the Titanium Series provides a minimalist aesthetic coupled with powerful performance and a unified glare rating of up to <13.
SDCM≤2 Colour Consistency
Meeting the industry's highest quality standard for colour consistency, the Titanium Series has an SDCM≤2, from which the human eye cannot distinguish any colour variations.
Delivering the best result for all applications, the Titanium CRI 92+ and 97+ variations are designed to maintain the natural colour of objects with true-to-life colour performance.
True-to-life colour performance
Titanium Downlight
Excellent optics and low glare coupled with 25° of adjustability make this the flagship luminaire.
Titanium Curve Downlight
With 97+ CRI and features rounded from the edge, the inward sloping trim creates a unique uninterrupted ceiling aesthetic.
Titanium Starlight
The deep recessed design and trimless body are perfectly suited to minimal and contemporary settings.
Titanium Semi-Recessed Downlight
The protruding lip design adds a refined and unique touch to the ceiling.
Titanium Surface Mounted/ Suspended Downlight
The favourite in the Titanium Series in a surface mounted/suspended form.
Titanium Surface Mounted/ Suspended Starlight
With 4 different heights, the Titanium Starlight can be surface mounted or suspended.
With various mounting options from recessed, surface mounted and suspended, the Titanium Series offers a variety of options for any architectural lighting application.
Various optics and accessories can alter the beam and deliver a remarkable and unique lighting solution. The linear lens adds an elliptical beam option while the asymmetrical fascia produce a forward throw effect.
With various accessory options, including the Honeycomb Optic, Linear Lens, Asymmetrical and Wide Trim Fascias, the Titanium Series are aimed at providing optimum visual comfort and flexibility for a range of project applications.
Living with light
As we move forward through the pandemic, there is focus on bringing the comforts of home into the workspace – creating environments that feel inviting and safe. We take a brief look at the future of human centred design, shifting design trends and colour temperature flexibility.
Tunable White
Dusk Dimming
Tunable White Technology supports our natural circadian rhythm as the colour temperature can be automated to mimic natural light patterns.
Using a lighting solution with colour temperatures that mimic the cycle of daylight can deliver natural light variations from dawn to dusk.
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