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The Particle Family delivers the ultimate in glare control, versatility and optics, perfect for any commercial
or residential projects.
An immaculate downlight
series for all occasions
Reimagine the quintessential recessed downlight to suit every application.
NEW Particle Accent
The Particle Accent provides shadow-free accent illumination with superior beam control for the ideal living and viewing experience.
NEW Particle Focus
The Particle Focus with a pinspot design and small aperture makes the perfect highlight or wayfinding lighting.
Lens Technology
With lens technology, the Particle Family provides complete control over light distribution while minimising glare and light spillage.
Visual Comfort
Engineered to achieve ultra-low glare and a sharp beam focus, the Particle Family is ideal for the most comfortable of environments.
Unique Inner Trim
Uniquely designed with the lens deeply recessed into the fixture sheathed in a black inner-trim
to further minimise glare.
Experience the Particle