Moka Table Lamp
For those hosting services, the lamp is minimal and intuitive, simplifying setup and operation. For diners and guests, the Moka is gentle and unobtrusive, inviting focus onto the hospitality experience and the excitement of company.
Define the space.
The Moka offers colour tuning between 1800K, 2200K, and 2700K with 3-step dimming from full brightness to 50% and 20%, complementing any settings.
Inside & Out.
With IP54, the Moka is protected against dust and water ingress, perfect for the interior space as well as service in the outdoor areas.
Save & Lock.
Save Mode allows quick recreation of a specific light setting. Lock Mode prevents unwanted lighting changes, ensuring coherence during service.
Indirect, low-intensity, and warm, the Moka fosters inviting spaces for connection, enjoyment and comfort. Mindfully designed with CRI90+, each Moka is excellent at hosting tables of up to 4 guests while accentuating every detail of the culinary experience.
600mm illuminated area
Single Tap
Single tap to choose your preferred dim setting, from 100% brightness to 50% and 20%.
Colour Tuning
Double Tap
Double tap to tune to your preferred colour temperature, from 2700K to 2200K and 1800K.
Save Mode
Tap & Hold
Single tap then hold for 3 seconds to enter or exit Save Mode.

When in Save Mode, the Moka’s light setting is saved and turns on and off via a single tap.
Lock Mode
Hold for 3 seconds to enter or exit Lock Mode.

When in Lock Mode, the Moka is locked to its light setting and cannot be turned off or adjusted.
Moka Table Lamp
Operating Time: 8h at 100%, 
16h at 50%, 40h at 20%
Charge Time: 4-5h
Lifetime: >54,000h (L80B10)
Finishes: Textured Black, Textured White, Satin Nickle, Antique Brass
CCT: Colour Tune (1800K/2200K/2700K)
IP Rating: IP54
CRI: CRI90+ (R9>50)
Bar Carolina brings sleek Italian sophistication to South Yarra in a design by Chris Connell, whose creative collaboration with celebrated restaurateur Joe Mammone spans more than two decades. Classically modern, the space is defined by clean lines and a palette of speckled terrazzo, textural timber, custom fixtures and bespoke steelwork.

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