The definite linear lighting solution.
The LX Infinity redefines how linear lighting can be configured and constructed with a new configuration tool, Australian fabrication and luminaires dispatched in under 4 weeks. A new world of options await with four mounting options and seven unique optics.
Configured by you.
Made for you.
Configuring linear lighting has never been easier. With the LX Configurator, you can configure from 1,000,000 options in seconds with the ability to generate live shop drawings, download consolidated IES files and have an Australian fabricated LX Infinity luminaire dispatched in under 4 weeks.
Australian design and fabrication.
Designed, engineered and fabricated in Australia, LX Infinity is the definitive linear lighting range. Dispatched in under 4 weeks, each luminaire meets the rigorous quality control expectations of Australian manufacturing.
Fabricated in Australia from imported components –
with the exception of customised goods.

A new range of
unique optics.
The LX Infinity can be equipped with three different ranges of optics for maximum versatility. From the architectural Honeycomb and Louvre to the precise Direct Lens and Wallwasher, there is an optic for every design application.
A zero light
leakage solution
The LX Infinity range is equipped with a revolutionary Nexus System, a multi-dimensional connection system with refined end caps and a light shield to deliver zero light leakage.
Engineered and fabricated in Australia
From concept to design, LX Infinity has been conceived by a team of award-winning designers, engineers and fabricators in Australia.
Easy configurations
Configuring linear lighting is often time consuming and complex. LX Infinity configured via the configurator turns a process that traditionally take hours into mere minutes.
Samsung LED boards
Each LX Infinity luminaire is equipped with renowned Samsung LED boards for performance and peace of mind for years to come.
Powered by Tridonic
The class-leading Tridonic linear drivers are a perfect pairing with each LX Infinity luminaire. Tridonic has been fine-tuning their driver technology for years to maximise performance.
Select from 7 optics
A choice of 7 optics, 2 finishes and 4 mounts for endless combinations.
Architectural Optic: Honeycomb
The distinctive honeycomb optics provides a unique
aesthetic and reduced glare from all angles.
Precision Optic:
Direct Lens & Wallwasher
Creates horizontal or vertical illuminance by using the high-quality lens.
Signature Optic: Baffle
Recessing the optic into the baffle trim reduce glare by removing direct line of sight.
Architectural Optic: Louvre
The precisely spaced louvre layer allows uninterrupted light distribution with minimised glare.
Signature Optic: Prismatic
The unique three-layer construction reduces glare and creates uniformity in brightness levels.
Signature Optic: Opal
The classic acrylic surface provides uniform luminescence with the widest beam angle of all optics.
Custom linear lighting in seconds with the LX Configurator
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