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One series. Infinite possibilities.
A downlight series designed with outstanding optical performance, beam control, and minimal light spill.
Reimagining the downlight experience.
As a result of years of deeply understanding customer needs, every detail of the ION R Series is meticulously designed to balance universality, form, function and performance, making it the one-stop solution for every lighting requirement.
A modular
future of lighting.

Allows further visual customisation with a wide range of baffle finishes.
Secondary optic

Add an additional layer of optical control opting for an additional softening, honeycomb or elliptical optic.
IP54 Seal

Allows the ION R Series to operate at IP54, ensuring protection against dust and water splashes.
Primary optic

Designed from the ground up, the ION R Series' lens technology has been precisely engineered to perfectly align with the COB LED, delivering outstanding beam control with minimal light spillage.

Available in fixed and adjustable versions, the ION R's aluminium engine comes with heat-syncing ability to handle operation heat and promote passive airflow, ensuring quality and performance for a long time.

Designed to support easy assembly and modularity with the engine.
Explore true modularity with the ION R Series, where installation becomes effortless with the built-in ball-bearing and clip system. Able to function seamlessly when interchanged between models using the same engine, trust this downlight range to meet your every lighting intent.
Lighting without boundaries
2 engines. 4 sizes. 6 models. 26,000+ customisations. The possibilities are endless with the ION R Series.
Following the darklight concept, the Stealth Metallic baffle minimises the light source's presence. From certain angles, the light source is completely hidden from the peripheral vision. This baffle is ideal for spaces that require maximum visual comfort without sacrificing the output.
Designed to support quick installation and interchangeability between models using the same engine, the ION R Series marks Unios' next step to making lighting more simple, fuss-free and easier for everyone.
One engine.
Multiple beam options.
Take your design further with our extensive range of beam options. Customise the ION R to deliver the right lighting effect to your projects.
The downlight range with unmatched performance.
Equipped with the latest technology in LED, optics and control systems, the ION R Series is the one true downlight series for performance.
Quick turnaround.
Pair your ION R with our in-stock and ready-to-ship drivers for a fully customised lighting solution in as little as 2 weeks.
One series.
Numerous applications.
With its varied accessories and optics, there are various ways the ION R Series can be customised and installed in a project.
Your lighting superpower
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Crafted in Australia — customised and available in as little as 2 weeks. Enquire Now →