Understand the benefit of quality lighting in
Aged Care
A well-considered lighting solution ensures that Australians living in your care benefit from comfortable, safe lighting that supports well-being.
Good lighting can transform care and support in Aged Care.
  • 1
    Reduce falls and adverse effects
    Effective lighting solutions deliver uniformity and visual comfort and can reduce falls in residential Aged Care.
  • 2
    Care, dignity and respect
    Comfortable living spaces include lighting that has a low impact on our eyes and visual perception.
  • 3
    Reduce operational costs
    Quality lighting reduces operational costs (OPEX), including electrical and maintenance.
  • 4
    The adverse effects of invisible flicker
    Sensed but not perceived flicker can cause health issues such as eye strain, fatigue and ocular migraines.
The impact of lighting in Aged Care.
A visual comparison of lighting transformation
Using a lighting solution with colour temperatures that mimic the cycle of daylight can deliver natural light variations from dawn to dusk.
By focusing on a more even illumination across surfaces, including ceilings — spaces can feel less confined and more welcoming.
The correct lighting levels, colour rendering and colour temperature can play a large role in accurately diagnosing skin conditions.
A more uniform light distribution makes wayfinding unambiguous and allows the residents to more easily navigate.
More than ever, there is a calling for quality Aged Care facilities across Australia. Learn how great lighting can positively impact comfort and well-being.
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